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Joshua Tree National Park

Beautiful Sunset Scenery at Joshua Tree National Park
Beautiful Sunset Scenery at Joshua Tree National Park

Touristattractiondestination Joshua Tree national park is one of the largest and most popular national parks in America. This national park is located in Southern California and is part of the high desert of Southern California. This national park is located about 130 miles east of Los Angeles.
The park receives around 3 million visitors each year and is the closest National Park to Los Angeles and San Diego. The main feature of this park is the Joshua tree which grows almost exclusively in the Mojave Desert. The name actually originates from Mormon settlers who crossed the Mojave Desert in the mid-19th century. The unique shape of the trees reminds them of the biblical story where Joshua raised his hand to the sky in prayer.
 Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert
 Joshua tree in the Mojave Desert
There are three main entrances to the park one to the south and two to the north. The park has nine campsites with 523 campsites, two horse camps and ten picnic areas. There are 32 hiking trails and 191 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. This area is very large and it takes an hour to pass through the park even with the fastest route.
Climbing on Joshua Tree National Park
Climbing on Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a large park full of interesting places. Therefore you need a few tips and references in order to explore the park well. Some interesting places to visit are as follows:

The Hidden Valley and Barker Dam Nature Trail

These two paths offer easy hiking trails and good views. This path is a good path and can be accessed by anyone. However, you need to be careful because maybe you will see some snakes or other desert animals.

Arch Rock

Arch rock is a popular camping area in the park. What makes this place very nice is the number of large stones in the area. This place is like a natural playground filled with arches, large rocks, and even some small tunnels and caves.

Skull Rock:

This place is interesting for a quick stop. The attraction of this place in the form of a giant stone resembling a human skull.

Key view:

This place is in the west end of the park. The views of the Coachella Valley area are incredible. From here, you can see the San Andreas Fault Line, the Salton Sea, and the peaks of San Jacinto and Mount San Gorgonio.

Lost Mine Mine Trail:

This location is not far from Keys View and offers a trail that ascends as far as 4 to 5 miles to an abandoned mine. This mine is very remote and offers some beautiful views.

Cholla Cactus Park:

This park is home to the Cholla Jumping Cactus, which is very sticky and difficult to remove. There are actually signs everywhere warning visitors to be careful with cacti.

Cottonwood Campground

Cottonwood Campground is one of the best places in Joshua Tree National Park to see stars and see wild flowers. With easy access from Interstate 10, making this place a popular stopover for travelers. Cottonwood Campground is at an altitude of 3,000 feet and has only a little shade of vegetation.
Beautiful night at Joshua Tree National Park
Beautiful night at Joshua Tree National Park

In addition to some of the interesting places above, you also need to know some important tips when visiting Joshua Tree National Park. These tips are:
  • Stay on track:
You should stay on the path that has been determined. In addition there are many cacti, there are some wild animals that you might encounter when you are out of the way like a snake.
  • Bring lots of water:
This park is very hot so you will need a lot of water.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat. 
Very hot sun will burn your skin. So you should use sunscreen and a hat. Although there are some shady places between the rocks, there is not much vegetation to block the sun when you are hiking on the trail.
  • Wear the right footwear:
Flip-flops are not the right footwear here given the number of cacti and wildlife
  • Bring some snacks:
Once in the park, there are no shops selling food or drinks, so you should bring some snacks. And avoid carrying chocolate, because it can melt and make a mess of the contents of your bag.
  • Bring a first aid kit:
Joshua Tree National Park is large and spacious, so there aren't always forest guards around you. So bringing your own first aid kit for emergencies is a good idea.
  • Download offline maps:
aeolian landform at Joshua Tree National Park
aeolian landform at Joshua Tree National Park
In addition to Joshua Tree national Park, you can visit several interesting places around, namely The Integration in Landers, which was built in the late 70s. The construction of the facility is inspired by aliens where you can experience an acoustic sound bathing and that is probably one of the coolest things you have ever experienced. Sound bath in near Joshua Tree National Park is sound a crazy thing but you should try that experience.

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Napa Valley California

Napa Valley vineyard
Napa Valley vineyard 

Touristattractiondestination Napa valley is part of the California state and it's located north of San Francisco. Napa Valley wineries is one of the most famous wineries in America. The number of wineries and tasting rooms reached more than 450 pieces. Most of the wineries here are family owned.
Napa Valley Wineries Storage
Napa Valley Wineries Storage
The Napa Valley is blessed with several microclimates that vary in temperature with each other, one of the reasons why a variety of grape varieties grow very well here. Overall, the temperature in the valley varies greatly between morning and evening. Throughout the year, depending on weather conditions, nighttime temperatures can reach 30 degrees cooler than daytime temperatures, and daytime temperatures can vary up to 10 degrees at the same time between the northern and southern parts of the valley. If you want to get a view of the process of harvesting wine, the right time for you to come to Napa is from April to August. That time was the time of the wine harvest in Napa. But you don't need to worry, whenever you come to Napa, Napa will give you an attraction every season.
  • Spring (March - May)

Spring is the time for shoots to propagate. This process provides an incredible bouquet of colors. Napa valley will be decorated with new flowers and lush green mountain slopes. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 68 ° F / 47 ° F. Average Rainfall: 1.8 ".
  • Summer (June - August)

Summer will lure you with golden hills, green vines and of course you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy wine. Wine has really begun to grow and in August, harvest begins in the entire valley. Evenings in this area can be quite cold even in the summer, so just a suggestion from us, bring a sweater when dining outdoors at night. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 82 ° F / 55 ° F. Average Rainfall: 0.08 ".
  • Autumn (September - November)

Aroma "crush" and the combination of gold and green from the vineyard are a delightful meal in the fall. Around November (towards the end of fall), grape leaves will turn into vivacious yellow and red, making the Napa Valley a must visit destination. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 78 ° F / 49 ° F. Average Rainfall: 1.5 ".
  • Winter (December - February)

Winter rain falls several days at a time and is followed by days of bright blue sky. The process makes the Napa Valley has an emerald green feel. Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons in this valley. In winter, this valley will be decorated with rows of brilliant yellow mustards. In addition, in the winter there will be a celebration known as the Cabernet Season. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 60 ° F / 42 ° F. Average Rainfall: 5.3 ".

Besides having beauty in each season, you don't need to worry when visiting Napa Valley. Some of the things to do in Napa Valley:
  • Castello di Amorosa.

This castle is located on a 121 thousand square foot plantation. The castle and plantations took 15 years to build.
Castle Castello di Amorosa.at Napa Valley
Castle Castello di Amorosa.at Napa Valley
  • Wineries

The main thing you have to do when visiting Napa is to check out the wineries. There are so many wineries here. Some wineries that you should try to visit are: Domaine Carneros and Sequoia Grove Winery.
Domaine Carneros is a winery that specializes in delicious sparkling wine. You can try four of their different sparkling grape varieties for $ 30 and you can really enjoy sitting on their terrace overlooking some beautiful views of the countryside and vineyards.
Sequoia Grove Winery is a smaller winery and has a 110-year-old warehouse and tasting room located under a giant sequoia tree. You can try their four wines for $ 25, including Cabernet Sauvignon which is their special feature.
The Raymond vineyard gives a modern touch to traditional wineries. At this refinery there is a laboratory for making wine mixtures. You can make a special wine mixture in the laboratory.
Napa wine train
Napa wine train
  • Hiking

You can hike at Skyline Wilderness Park, which is not far from downtown Napa. The entrance ticket to the park is only $ 5 and that includes parking, road maps and use of restroom facilities. This place is a quiet place to climb. This park has 25 miles of different paths that are very easy to navigate.
  • Outstanding restaurant.

La Taberna is a convenient place in downtown Napa. This place offers a selection of outstanding small dishes and wines. A good menu from this place is brava patatas and Spanish omelet.
Farmstead on st. Helena is the right place for lunch. This place has several dining options including cafes, luxury restaurants, and also an outdoor terrace bar.
In addition, there are eating places that you should visit, namely Ad Hoc in Yountville. Ad Hoc is owned by Thomas Keller. This restaurant has a fixed four-course menu for $ 55 and is presented in a family style. If you are interested in going to this place, make sure you make a reservation beforehand.
Napa Valley Restaurant with vineyard  scenery
Napa Valley Restaurant with vineyard scenery
  • The Andaz Napa

Andaz Napa is located in downtown Napa. Andaz Napa has a vibrant atmosphere and is full of restaurants, bars, shops and many art galleries.

Enjoying Napa Valley requires a few tips. Some of these tips will make your vacation more memorable and beautiful. Some of these tips are
  1. Use a travel sharing service to move from one winery to another. There are many travel sharing options available in this area, namely Lyft and Uber. You will get affordable service to get around in wineries. Most wineries are fifteen to twenty minutes from downtown Napa, which makes sharing trips an economical choice. You can relax and enjoy all the delicious wines in Napa without having to worry about driving.
  2. If you use a plane, choose Oakland Airport as your landing place. Oakland Airport is the closest major airport from Napa and less busy when compared to San Francisco Airport. This makes it easier for you to take a rental car directly on the road. From this airport, you can reach Napa in one hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  3. From the Oakland airport, use the toll road. By using the toll, you can save travel time up to one hour.
  4. Do a winery research and place an order. Very many wineries in Napa Valley, you can't taste them one by one in a short time. So it's best to research some of the best wineries, and choose a few for you to visit.

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Places to Visit in California

Welcome to California Signpost
Welcome to California Signpost

Touristattractiondestination California is the most populous state and the third largest by area in U.S. And this is not only famous for film stars and Disneyland. There is more than that, you can enjoy many things here. California is a state that offers a million interesting and amazing tourist destinations, ranging from beautiful beaches, calm deserts and majestic mountains. In addition, California is also home to a number of attractive big cities, charming cities and some of the world's best wineries. It took a very long time to be able to enjoy every detail of beauty here. And for those of you who are on vacation here as a tourist with the right time, we try to choose the 5 best places to enjoy here.
Snow White's Castle at Disneyland California

Napa Valley

Napa Valley, located an hour's drive from San Francisco. This valley is one of the world's major wine regions. Massive wine production began around the 1960s, and Napa is now home to more than 400 wineries. Napa is a popular place for romantic vacations, incredible culinary experiences, concerts and, of course, wine tasting.
The reason Napa Valley has become more popular in recent years is the number of beautiful accommodation and dining options and its location close to San Francisco. You can take a three-hour train with a total of 36 miles round trip from Downtown Napa to St. Helena and back. Or you can enjoy the view from the beautiful hills from the hot air balloon. You can also explore the nearby Sonoma Valley, another beautiful wine region also known as the birthplace of the California wine industry.

San Fransisco

San Francisco is a center for cultural and financial in the Northern California region. The city is located on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. The city is famous for its Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz island which is home to the famous Alcatraz prison, the largest Chinatown outside Asia, and other famous landmarks. In addition, don't miss the nearby Silicon Valley, home to the world's largest high-tech company.

Pacific Coast highway

There is no better way to explore California than to drive with a beautiful view on the Pacific Coast Highway, also called California State Route 1. This route offers incredible trips that include views of the coast full of seals and seagulls to stunning views in Big Sur, jagged sea cliffs, and other surprises. You can walk along Highway One between San Francisco and Los Angeles and stop at one of the following places: Big Sur and McWay Falls, Ragged Point, Vista Point Elephant Seal, and Hearst Castle.

National Parks

California has some of the most extraordinary national parks in the US, such as:

Located at the Mojave desert crossing and Colorado has a real geological landscape and rich cultural history.

One of the hottest places on earth located in the northern Mojave Desert, the area is called Death valley. And of course, you don't miss the Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America that has a height of 282 feet below sea level.
 Death Valley National Park Signpost
 Death Valley National Park Signpost
  • Mojave National Nature Reserve

Located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This cagara has amazing Kelso Dunes.
  • Yosemite National Park

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This park offers amazing climbing through waterfalls, redwood gardens, rivers, meadows and beautiful granite mountains.
  • Redwood National Park

Located on the coast of Northern California. This park is home to the tallest trees in the world.

If you plan to visit more than one National Park, you should collect your ticket and when the amount is more than $ 80, you can redeem your tickets into an annual access card that can be used in all US National Parks.

Imperial Sand Dunes

The Imperial Sand Dunes are located on the border with Arizona and Mexico, California. This area offers a very unique attraction: 45 miles of dunes. The Imperial Sand Dunes are also called Algodones Dunes which originate from ancient lake sand. Sand dunes in this area can reach heights of 300 feet or more, and can create the illusion of an endless landscape.
The dune is a popular place for off-road fans and more than one million people visit this dune every year. You can drive through the sand dunes and stop at Osborne or you can camp in this dune area. At the Imperial Sand Dunes there are several filming locations for famous Hollywood films such as Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
 Other interesting places that are worth to visit are Salton See. A saline lake that has shrunk.

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Maui The Best Island in Hawaii

Sea Turtle on Maui Beach
Sea Turtle on Maui Beach
Touristattractiondestination - Maui is the most beautiful island on Hawaiian islands You can drive from one side of the island to the other in three hours trip. Along the trip, you can enjoy Maui’s most striking natural wonders. In addition, you can book a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view. Maui has tropical climate and has more than 80 beaches that you can enjoy. You can do many water-sports there.

There are many things to do in Maui. From volcano landscape to seashore and beach. Enjoy the sunrise in the mountain, surprised by beautiful waterfall, and enjoy snorkelling in Maui. In other words, many things that you can do in many interesting places in Maui.
Snorkeling spot on Maui Hawaii
Snorkeling spot on Maui Hawaii

Some interesting places in Maui:    
  • The road to Hana. You can enjoy extremely scenic drive. There are many stops that are different ways to enjoy and experience the rain forest.
  • Koopa Beach Park : You can see surfing competition here.
  • Garden of Eden Arboretum: bamboo forest with great vistas.
  •  Halekala national park : It has the highest peak on the island. It’s a hot spot for hiking, you can just follow the trails and past an impressive cinder cones.
    Maui Volcano
    Maui Volcano
  •  Makena beach state park : Perfect spot to try wake boarding at sunset.
  •  Molokini island preserve: When the sun comes out from the water, molokini island is painted dark against the evening sky. Its better if you booked a boat tour and dive into spot Hawaii’s green turtles feeding. On the coral of molokini reef you can also see this turtles.
  • Maluka beach is a perfect place to enjoy the afternoon in the shade.
  • Wailea beach: you can enjoy a resort here and stay with the family.
  • Kihei: you can learn how to surf. In the oceanfront town, you can find an affordable accommodation, shops, and food so it’s an ideal place to stop for a few days. Kihei has good location, putting you right near the middle of the island allowing you to do day trips in either direction which is really nice.
  • Haleakala volcano sunrise: You should joint Haleakala volcano sunrise tour and enjoy great panorama. You must booked the ticket a day before through national park service.
    Sunset on Maui Hawaii
    Sunset on Maui Hawaii
  • Lahaina is the prettiest towns in Maui.
  • Kaanapali Beach is the best beach in Maui. There is no better place to end your tour of Maui in this beach. This is high-end beach resort that offer everything Maui has. You can enjoy see the whale here in whale season. The whale season ends on May 15th.
  • Makena beach
  • Baldwin beach
  • Nakalele Blowhole. It is located in the northwest side of Maui. You need 5 to 10 minute hike to get there. From small hole in the rock water launches into the air when the waves come crashing in.
  • Olivine pools. A ten minute casual hike down the hill brings you to olivine pools. Huge waves just crash all around you here, but the pools are calm, like in the eye of the storm. You can just put your feet in the water, and enjoy the big crash wave.
  • Shoreline sea cliffs and Molokai waterfalls
How to go to Maui:
All flights to Maui will landed in Kahului airport. From Kahului airport take a bus, uber, or taxi into town. In town, you can pick up a rental car. You can pick up a rental car in the airport, but its expensive. You can save some money, if you pick up a rental car in town. There are bus tour in the city, but by considering your flexibility, I recommend you to pick a rental car. You can explore Maui by yourself and your time, not limited by bus schedule.
Beautiful beach at Maui Island
Beautiful beach at Maui Island

Prepare for everything and enjoy your time in Maui…Have a nice vacation.

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Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

A landscape of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
A landscape of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
The Grand Canyon is a tourist attraction located in Arizona, US. There are many canyons in the world but the Grand Canyon is the grandest of all. From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is only a few hours away. But this place doesn't have pink flamingos or people dress like Caesars. Grand Canyon National Park has a length of 277 miles to 18 miles and a depth of more than one mile which makes it the most beautiful hole in the world.
The Grand Canyon South Rim is the most famous place. this place attracts 90% of Grand Canyon visitors. The Grand Canyon South Rim is very interesting because this place is easily accessible by car You can really drive to the edge. The scenery is spectacular and the sun is behind you so you don't have to squint your eyes.
A picture of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
A picture of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
Grand Canyon hikes are something you should not miss. Hike from the rim to the rim we talk three days and twenty one miles of rough trails. This is a hike that can really take your breath. Follow in the footsteps of ancient Americans. And then head to the Colorado River into a big ditch.
To feel the sensation of wading through a canyon like the Pioneers do, you can grand canyon horse ride or grand canyon mule ride like Teddy Roosevelt. You can choose a short trip along the South Rim or a two-day 14-mile trip to the Colorado River. This is a Canyon experience that you will never forget.Not far from the busy rim trail there is the last thing you expect here. Fossils of sea creatures remain during the Paleozoic era, hundreds of millions of years ago. This shows that the Grand Canyon was once underwater one.
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
At the bottom, about 50 400 feet below where you start the canyon wall rises in all directions. This is where adrenaline kicks in. The rapes tore it was an amazing journey. And there is also the secret place of the Grand Canyon that you can pull and explore.
Do you want more from the Grand Canyon? Please head to the other side of the less accessible northern canyon. This area is opened during the summer months. This place is for more experienced adventurers. because the road is harder and the weather is rough.
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona from above
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona from above
At the eastern end of the Grand Canyon National Park, Bright Angel Point offers heavenly views. And the other most spectacular scenery of the North Rim is found in Cape Royal, from here you get aerial views of the San Francisco Peaks, the Colorado River and monster sized nooks and crannies. That defines the most popular Canyon in the world.[TAD]
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona from above
A view of the Grand Canyon National Park Arizona from above

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Things to do: Yosemite National Park California

Beautiful Landscape of Yosemite National Park
Beautiful Landscape of Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park is a tourist attraction located in California, US. If you ask "Where is Yosemite National Park?" the easiest answer is 165 miles east of San Francisco. This National Park is located on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada California mountains.
The story of Yosemite National Park begins when the last ice age ends. When glaciers in the country's high region explore and sculpt the Valley. The park is managed by the National Park Service and covers almost 1,200 square miles. Yosemite National Park California is divided into five zones of vegetation from oak and kapar forests to mountainous highlands that are rarely visited by four million visitors who come every year. Most visitors spend their time in the Yosemite Valley which is open all year long with only eight miles and a mile. This valley has more beautiful scenery than any other place in the world.

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Things to do: Sequoia National Park California

Large tree root at Sequoia National Park California
Large tree root
Sequoia National Park is a tourist attraction located in California, US. If you ask "where is Sequoia National Park?" the easiest answer is a few hours drive east of the Golden Gate. This place is a great place to escape from California celebrity life from the hustle and bustle of the freeway to become part of the trees as high as high and the highest peak in America, Mount Whitney as high as 15,000 feet. Sequoia is a well-kept secret so they call it a hidden garden.

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Things to do: Glacier National Park Montana

Mc Dolnald Lake at Glacier National Park
Mc Dolnald Lake
Glacier National Park is a tourist attraction located at Montana, US. The area of the National Park is more than 1000000 hectares. It covers two mountain ranges (Rocky Mountains) and more than 130 lakes. Within this region there are more than 1,000 different plant species, and hundreds of animal species.
If you are a lover of outdoor activities, Glacier National Park is definitely on your visit list, with more than 700 miles of track with spectacular views, it's no wonder this place is also known as a pedestrian National Park. Glacier is a place for adventurers who want to explore the wilderness on foot, by boat, or even riding a horse. Recent years have seen an increase in visitors resulting in traffic and parking problems near the sun road, rooms and rustic lodges must be ordered several days in advance even the previous month.

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Things to do: Yellowstone National Park

a panorama of sunset at Yellowstone National Park
a panorama of sunset 
Yellowstone National Park is a tourist attraction that stretches from the northwest corner of Wyoming to Idaho and Montana. Inaugurated in 1872 this national park became the first national park in the world. Now this place is visited by more than 4000000 adventures every year. With a 12-hour trip from Seattle or a 5-hour drive from Salt Lake City there's no doubt that it's a long journey to get here, but rest assured as soon as you set foot in this park, your long journey will be paid off.
Yellowstone National Park is the best in the wilderness of North America. With spectacular endless green pastures, stunning mountain ranges and abundant wildlife. Wrapped into 2000,000 hectares, this place is a gift for nature lovers. The attraction is easily accessed by the ring road, which can be reached from five park entrances.