Monday, December 31, 2018

San Diego Zoo Cfl

 San Diego Zoo is a tourist attraction that located at San Diego, California. With an area of 100 areas San Diego Zoo accommodates more than 3700 animals from 650 different species and sub-species. In this Zoo there are fifty-nine locations of animals and plants. The animals and plants are separated into 9 categories: Africa Rocks, Asian Passage, Discovery Outpost, Elephant Odyssey, Lost Forest, Northern Frontier, Outback, Panda Canyon, Urban Jungle. 

San Diego Zoo offering unforgettable experiences for you and your family. The experience offered is divided into four categories namely Special experiments, Zoo Educations, Activities Catered Events. For more details, you can see the list below.

Special Experiences:
  •     Early Morning Photo Expedition
  •     Inside Look Tours
  •     Wild Night Out—21 and Up
  •     Keeper for a Day
  •     Dining Events
  •     Early Morning with Pandas
  •     Animals in Action
  •     Crazy About Cats
  •     Discovery Cart Tour
  •     Sunrise Surprise Stroll
  •     Exclusive VIP Experience

Zoo Education:
  •     Overview
  •     Curriculum
  •     Videoconferencing
  •     Wildlife Sleepovers
  •     Kids Wild Night Out
  •     Teen Programs
  •     Kinder programs
  •     Children's Birthday Parties
  •     Assembly & Classroom Programs
  •     Field Trips – K–12 & Youth
  •     College Student Discount
  •     Guided Tours

  •     Balboa Park Miniature Train
  •     Guided Bus Tour
  •     Skyfari® Aerial Tram
  •     Kangaroo Bus
  •     Play Areas
  •     Animal Encounters
  •     4-D Theaters
  •     Shows

Catered Events
  •     Special Events
  •     Picnics
  •     Corporate
  •     Association
  •     Team Building
  •     Mitzvah Events
  •     Proms & Homecoming
  •     Weddings

When visiting San Diego Zoo it is strongly recommended to use shoes, because you will walk a little to enjoy this zoo. In addition you have to come in the morning because the animals are more active in the morning. There are also attractions that only exist in the morning such as early morning photo expeditions and early morning with panda., in addition to explore this whole zoo area takes approximately one day.

For those of you who have not been able to visit this zoo, don't worry, you can watch live broadcasts from the animals at this zoo through their official website. Animals that you can watch live are:
  • Baboon Cam 
  • Penguin Cam
  • Ape Cam
  • Koala Cam
  • Panda Cam
  • Polar Cam
  • Giraffe Cam 
  • Elephant Cam
  • Tiger Cam
  • Condor Cam

Close Up Flaminggo
Close Up Flaminggo


Giraffe Close Up
Giraffe Close Up

Sitting Gorilla
Sitting Gorilla

Green Reptile
Green Reptile

Iguana Posing to Camera
Iguana Posing to Camera

Cute Sleeping Koala
Cute Sleeping Koala

Strong Horn
Strong Horn


Polar Bear at San Diego Zoo
Polar Bear at San Diego Zoo

White Dog
White Dog
Group Elephants
Cute Panda Doll Souvenir
Cute Panda Doll Souvenir

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