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Daytona Beach Fl

Gate of Daytona Beach
Gate of Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach is a tourist attraction located in Volusia, Florida, US. This beach has a 23 mile coastline. This beach is directly adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. This place is very well known for its racing events which have been held for more than 100 years. At first the Daytona Beach Road Course was used as a circuit for more than 50 years. In 1959 was replaced by Daytona International Speedway. You can feel the experience of a racer by trying Daytona International Speedway at high speed.

When visiting Daytona Beach you can start the day by seeing the beautiful sunrise. Then you can continue with other activities such as along the coast which is still quiet. You will get many new experiences in every corner of this beach. You can do adventure along the beach at any time because there is no time limit for walking along the beach on foot. If you are tired of walking, you can still go along a certain part of the beach with a vehicle. Cars can run in the area during the day. Besides walking along the coast there are other interesting things that you can take on a Paddleboard tour.
Beautiful Golden Sunrise at  Daytona Beach
Beautiful Sunrise
Beach Chair at  Daytona Beach
Beach Chair

Daytona Beach Horizon

Amphitheater at Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach Clock Tower
Clock Tower
There is one thing you should not do when visiting Daytona Beach, which is using thong bikini. This is very prohibited on this beach. If you violate this rule you will get a penalty of $ 500 and 60 days in prison.

If you are a wheelchair user you can still enjoy Daytona beach. Because on this beach there are free beach wheelchairs for you. But this beach wheelchair is limited in number if you arrive first then you will immediately be able to use it. The use of these wheels is arranged with a coupon for several hours. When the queues are getting longer, then less time you can use this facility . This wheelchair can be found at lifeguard stations, such as: Beach Headquarters at Daytona Beach, Dunlawton Avenue, Cardinal Avenue at Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, and Flagler Avenue at New Smyrna Beach.
Daytona Beach Life Guard Post
Life Guard Post
Amusement Park for Family Time at Daytona Beach
Amusement Park

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