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Things to do in Galveston Tx

Beach at Galveston Tx
Galveston is a tourist attraction in the form of a city resort located on Galveston Island, Texas, US. Galveston Island is a barrier island from Texas. This place has an area of 209.4 square miles or 542 square kilometers.

The most famous attraction at Galveston is Moody Gardens. There are giant glass pyramids which are divided into 3 pyramid attractions:

  • Aquarium Pyramid, is one of the largest aquariums in the region. Inside there are various types of fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Rainforest Pyramid, in which there are animals such as birds, reptiles, butterflies, sloths and monkeys that play freely. There are also plants from the tropics and areas of tropical rain forests.
Monkey at Rainforest Pyramid, Moody Gardens, Galveston Tx
Monkey at Rainforest Pyramid, Moody Gardens
  • Discovery Pyramid, Here you can do various scientific experiments.

Many other interesting things to do in Galveston such as:

  • Sailing with the ELISSA, ELISSA is a famous three-masted sailing ship, with an iron floor active in 1877. At present the ship is functioning available for tours and seasonal cruises that will take you back to a period of elegance.
Sailing with ELLISA at Galveston Tx
Sailing with ELLISA
  • Enjoy a day with family on a white sand beach. Even here you can ride a horse. so you will get an exciting experience walking along the beach by riding a horse back.
  • You can also visit historical buildings that have the architectural beauty of the past.
Historical Building at Galveston Tx
Historical Building

Sacred Heart Church at Galveston Tx
Sacred Heart Church

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