Monday, January 14, 2019

Virginia Beach VA

A Landscape of Beautiful Virginia Beach
A Landscape of Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach VA is a tourist attraction located in Virginia, US. This beach faces the Atlantic Ocean. This place is a resort town that has many hotels, motels and restaurants that have views of the open seas. Based on The Guinness Book of World Records, with a length of 35 miles Virginia Beach VA is the longest beach in the world.

With this long beach you can do various activities with friends and family such as fishing. One of the most interesting is that you can swim accompanied by dolphins in the wild. And don't forget you can also enjoy the golden sunset too.
Footpath and Sea at Virginia Beach
Footpath and Sea

Golden Sunset and Dock at Virginia Beach
Sunset and Dock

Virginia Beach has a 3-mile Broadway that is very friendly for those of you who want to walk with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout Broadway your eyes will be spoiled with 59 popular sculpture blocks. If you are tired, you can stop by restaurants and shops. Along the Broadway you can also find a stage for music and entertainment.
Neptune "King of Sea" Statue at Virginia Beach
Neptune Statue

Close up of Neptune Statue at Virginia Beach
Close up of Neptune Statue, source 

Soldiers Statue at Virginia Beach
Soldiers Statue

Not only that, Virginia Beach VA still has more than 100 attractions, including:

  • Capt. Jack's Pirate Ship
  • The Spirit Of Norfolk Cruise
  • Pirate Parasail
  • Virginia Scenic Flights
  • IFLY Indoor Skydiving
  • Virginia Museum Of Contemporary Art
  • Caribbean Music Festival
  • National Golf Court & First Tee Program
  • Whale Watching In Virginia Beach
  • Cinema Cafe
  • Sand Soccer Tournament
  • Beach Playground At 31st Street
  • and much more

There are also festivals, such as:

  • Wicked 10K
  • FunkFest Festival
  • Virginia Beer Festival
  • Pungo Strawberry Festival
  • Stars and Stripes Explosion
  • Chalk the Walk ARTsplosion
  • Latin Fest
  • Monsters on the Beach

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