Thursday, January 31, 2019

Disneyland Park California

Sleeping Beauty Castle or Snow White's Castle at Night at Disneyland California
Snow White's Castle at Night 
Disneyland California is a tourist attraction located in California, US. The theme park opened in 1955 also belongs to Disney. This place is the only theme park whose development process is supervised directly by Walt Disney. Disneyland California has 53 attractions including Sleeping Beauty Castle, Alice in Wonderland, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster, Goofy's Playhouse, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and many more. Among these attractions that are favorites are Indiana Jones Adventure and Pirates of the Caribbean. But in this article we only discuss some attractions alone.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, or what is often known as Snow White's Castle is a castle which was taken from a fairy tale country into the real world. It could be said this is a realization of the dream of many girls are placed right in the center of Disneyland California. Currently there are only two Sleeping Beauty Castle that is here and in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Sleeping Beauty Castle or Snow White's Castle at Day at Disneyland California
Snow White's Castle at Day
Goofy Souvenir at Disneyland California
Goofy Souvenir 

The Jungle Cruise is an attraction that simulates the adventures in the big rivers in Africa, Asia and South America. The attraction uses a replica Steamboat that was used by British explorers. You will get the experience meet the animals of the forest. The tour is led by a Disney cast member who will tell you about the forest that you pass through.

Ticket prices the Disneyland California starts from $129 per day per person. When you buy a ticket for 2 days you will be charged $112.5 per day per person (total $225). The longer your visit the cheaper the ticket price per day. If you are visiting for 3 days you will be charged a fee of $68 per day per person (total $340). The visit of more than 3 days will get an extra ticket 1 Magic Morning. The ticket price is valid for those aged over 10 years.

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