Friday, February 15, 2019

Lake Havasu Cfl

Landascape of Water and Stone at Lake Havasu
Landascape of Water and Stone
Lake Havasu is a tourist attraction located on the border between Arizona and California. This Lake is a reservoir that was formed by the construction of Parker Dam that stem the flow of the Colorado River. The reservoir has an area of about 19000 acres with into a maximum of 27 meters. The main purpose of the construction of the reservoir is to be the source of the water a distance or known by the aqueduct.

Landascape of Water and London Bridge at Lake Havasu
Landascape of Water and London Bridge
Lake Havasu is nestled on the border region between the Mojave desert and Sonoran Desert. Types of land in the Mojave desert and Sonoran land generally in California that is largely derived from the volcano. This Geographic conditions  make this place into the perfect place for tracking and hiking. You can feel the experience of tracking and hiking in the desert and rocky hills. Here's some of the hiking trails are there in this place: Dead Burro Canyon Trail, Mallard Cove Trail and a Water Tank Trail. You will be pampered with a view of a wide variety of flora and fauna while hiking in this place.
Rocky Cliff at Lake Havasu
Rocky Cliff
Play Jet ski  in Lake Havasu
Play Jet ski 
Another thing that you can do while visiting Lake Havasu is fishing. Fishing is one of the main attraction of this Lake. The main catch is that you can find in this lake is a kind of Sea Bass. But of course you can find many other types of fish such as Flathead, Channel, Razorback sucker, Crappie, Redear Sunfish. And if you're lucky you can catch the White sturgeon. 
Fishing and Boating under London Bridge Lake Havasu
Fishing and Boating under London Bridge
Paddling at Lake Havasu
Paddling at Lake Havasu

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