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South Padre Island Texas

A view of beautiful the beach and the Waves in South Padre Island
A view of beautiful the beach and the Waves

South Padre Island is a tourist attraction located in Cameron, Texas, US. The island is a resort city that is named after a Catholic priest named Padre BallĂ­. The island is a barrier island located on the Texas Gulf Coast. Access to the island is via the Queen Isabella Causeway from Port Isabel.This Island is the perfect place for families to spend time off the spring. There are many attractions and exciting activities you can do on the island, including the following:

  • Sea Turtle, Inc.

This place is a place that should not be missed when visiting South Padre Island. Sea Turtle, Inc. is a  rescue and rehabilitation place for sea turtles that are already in the opened since 1977. Of course it will be a lot of interesting experiences for children while visiting this place starts from getting to know turtles, how her life cycle, why turtles should be kept and of course they will learn to love nature.

  • South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center

This space aims to provide education about birds, flora, fauna and the environment around the South Padre Island and the Gulf of Mexico. Here we will refer to in a more caring toward nature.
Feeding the gulls in South Padre Island Beach
Feeding the gulls, Source 
Feeding the Gulls on South Padre Island Beach at sunset
Feeding the Gulls at sunset, source

  • Sand Castle Building Lessons

This attraction is one of the most exciting moment is coming to South Padre Island, that you are being taught how to build a sandcastle sculptor who won awards. You will be taught in different classes and skill levels.

  • Water Sport

There are a variety of water sports that you can do in this place is like diving, fly boarding, surfing, kite boarding, banana boat, parasailing, wave sailing, wind surfing and sailing. You do not need to report carrying your equipment because you can rent them here. For you beginners who want to learn you can follow courses that are on South Padre Island
Camping on South Padre Island Texas
Camping on beach, source

South Padre Island weather

Weather in this island is greatly influenced by the location of the island. It is located on the territory of a warm subtropical climate. The average temperature at the peak of the winter in the January is between 11 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius. While the average at the height of the summer season in July is 25 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. 
The highest rainfall on South Padre Island Texas occurs during the summer and fall. The average rainfall in this place usually ranges between 2 and 6 inches of rain each month. The highest rainfall, on average there are in September and October, with rainfall of 4 to 6.3 inches of rain.

Kite Boarding in South Padre Island Texas at Sunset
Kite Boarding at Sunset, source
Playing at beach in South Padre Island Texas at Sunset
Playing at beach at Sunset, source
Wind Surfing in South Padre Island Texas
Wind Surfing,source

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