Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lake Tahoe California

Landscape of Lake Tahoe Beautiful Scenery
Landscape of  Beautiful Scenery
Lake Tahoe is a tourist attraction located in the Sierra Nevada, between California and Nevada, US. The Lake has an area of 496.2 square kilometers meters which makes it become the largest lake in North America. While based on the depth of the Lake is the deepest in the US with the depth of 593 meters. The Lake is famous for the clarity of its water and also a very magnificent scenery surrounded by mountains.

Beautiful Rocky Shore at Lake Tahoe
Beautiful Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore at Lake Tahoe
Rocky Shore

Forest at Lake Tahoe

Forest from Above at Lake Tahoe
Forest from Above 

Best time to visit Lake Tahoe is in winter. The Lake is very well known as an excellent place for winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or hiking are some of the sports that you can do in this place. If you are less interested in outdoor activities you can do activities indoors such as visiting art galleries, watch the latest movie or try your luck in the Casino. 

Skiing is one of the most sought after winter when visiting Lake Tahoe. This place is known for its abundant snow and the slopes are wide. For those of you who are already adept at skiing you should visit Truckee that cross-country skiing is the most famous in Alpine. But for those of you who are still a beginner don't worry because in this place there are many ski runs and slopes that can be enjoyed by beginners to skilled.

Although in winter this place is charming but at summer Lake Tahoe remains an attraction. You can perform a wide variety of water sports such as Jet skiing, parasailing, boating and rafting. Water sports like this you can do in the southern part of the Lake. However if you are reluctant to getting wet you can do other things such as hiking, running, biking and triathlons. With the mountains surrounding the Lake is certainly these activities became very interesting because we will be accompanied by the magnificent views of the mountains.But of course activities on the waterfront is no less exciting. You can play golf, practicing yoga or watching a Shakespeare festival.
Beautiful Sunrise from Above at Lake Tahoe
Beautiful Sunrise

Pier at Lake Tahoe

Small Island from Above at Lake Tahoe
Small Island from Above

Landscape of lake and Forest at Lake Tahoe
Landscape of lake and Forest

Landscape of lake, Island and Forest at Lake Tahoe
Landscape of lake, Island and Forest

Rafting at Lake Tahoe
Rafting, source

A Road Sign to Lake Tahoe
A Road Sign, source

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