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Lake Bohinj Slovenia

St John the Baptist Church at Lake Bohinj Slovenia
St John the Baptist Church, source
Lake Bohinj is a tourist attraction located in the Bohinj Valley in the Julian Alps, Slovenia. This Lake area is 318 acres with a maximum depth of 45 metres. The Lake is surrounded by mountains with an altitude of about 2000 meters. When we look out over the beautiful panoramic view on the Lake it will only make us stunned would be its beauty. The icon of this place is St John the Baptist Church.

Garden at Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Lake Bohinj Slovenia Scenery
Scenery, source

Tree, Grass and Mountain Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Tree, Grass and Mountain

There are many activities you can do while visiting Lake Bohinj is exercised in the Lake. You can perform a wide range of water sports on the Lake, such as paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing. However we recommend water sports should be done on a warm and sunny day. You don't need to bother carrying equipment because you can rent on a rental near the stone bridge. 
People Doing Water Sport at Lake Bohinj Slovenia
People Doing Water Sport

Wooden Boat at Lake Bohinj Slovenia
In addition to water sports you can do other exciting activities that you can do on Lake Bohinj, which is a walk along the edge of the lake. On the edge of the lake there is a track for pedestrians. You will be spoiled with a beautiful view on the edge of the lake and you can socialize with other visitors. One more thing you can find while walking along the lake is the Zlatorog statue. Zlatorog is a Slovenian deity in the form of a golden horned ibex. This statue is one of the best photo spots on this lake.To walk around the Lake takes approximately 4 hours.
Zlatorog, God at Slovenia Statue at Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Zlatorog Statue
Last but not the end is a short hike to Vogel. but for those of you who are not interested in hiking you can take the cable car to Vogel. After arriving in Vogel you will get a beautiful view of Lake Bohinj from a height. You can do this from the metal grate located hundreds of meters above the Lake. But this spot is not recommended for those who have phobia height. 

Beautiful Panorama of Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Beautiful Panorama

Trees, River at  Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Trees, River

Mountain, Sky, Cloud  at  Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Mountain, Sky, Cloud

Mountain, Sky in Autumn  at  Lake Bohinj Slovenia
Mountain, Sky in Autumn

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