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The Beauty Of Long Beach California

a girl playing at Long Beach and City
a girl playing at Beach, source
Long Beach is a tourist attraction located in California, US. This is a beach town on the Pacific coast in the United States, the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, Southern California. This coastal city is the second largest city in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and Southern California's third largest after Los Angeles and San Diego.
landscape of Long Beach and City
Beauty landscape of Beach and City, source
The city has a port named Port of Long Beach. This port was the second busiest container port in the U.S. and is one of the largest shipping ports in the world. The city also has the oil industry with Wells little oil reserves begin to thin out. Oil wells are located just below the town and in the offshore. The city has other manufacturing sectors include aircraft sector, electronic equipment, automotive parts, audiovisual equipment, precision metals, petrochemicals, and home furnishings.

Beauty Scenery of Long Beach, City and Boat
Beauty Scenery of Beach, City and Boat
Long Beach is host to many sporting events, including the following:

  • Grand Prix of Long Beach. 
The event, held in April, this is the largest event in Long Beach. The race started in 1975 with the name Formula 5000 that uses the streets downtown as his tracks.

  • Long Beach Marathon. 

The event is held annually in October in the entire City of Long Beach. This annual event include several races including bicycle tours, Kids Fun Run, a 5 k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. The starting line and finish all the races to be around Shoreline Village area which is the center of the city of Long Beach.
  • Basketball
The city is the home of the American Basketball Association team Long Beach Chiefs during the 1962/1963.
  • Baseball 
The city has a baseball team with the name of the Long Beach State 49ers who have been playing since 1954. They play at Blair Field, across the street from Wilson HIGH SCHOOL. This team has the nickname Dirtbags by many fans and this name is the official nickname of the team.
  • Sailing
Congressional Cup began in August 1964 and has grown into a major international sailing events. The event was held in April, this was the only first grade matches held in the United States. The format used is the one-on-one race format is the same as the America's Cup.
  • Water Skiing
Each July, there is an annual event that is Catalina Ski Race. This race starts from Long Beach Harbour heading to Catalina Island and back to complete the circuit along 100 kilometres. This race has been held every year since 1948 and showing the best skier of up to seventy teams from around the world

Beauty Scenery of park and light house at Long Beach
Beauty Scenery of park and light house, source

Beauty Night Scenery of Long Beach and city
Beauty Night Scenery of the Beach and city

Beauty Night Scenery of boat and rocky pier at Long Beach
Beauty Night Scenery of boat and rocky pier

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