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Pismo Beach California

Landscape of sea,coast at Pismo Beach
Landscape of sea,coast
Pismo beach is a tourist attraction that located on the famous central coast of California along the Pacific coast. Pismo beach is classic beach town located in the middle between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This beach is famous for its beautiful beaches, wineries and monarchs butterfly grove. At the beach, you can enjoy a long white beach that is perfect for walking or just enjoying the beautiful sunset. At this beach you can see surfers enjoying the waves. Apart from a beautiful beach, this place also has a clean beach that supports the beauty of its beaches.
Landscape of sea,wave and coast at Pismo Beach
Landscape of sea,wave and coast
In addition, you can enjoy a good weather in Pismo Beach with an annual average temperature of 13.8 degrees Celsius. Apart from beaches and vineyards, some interesting places in Pismo beach are:
  • Monarch Butterfly Grove
Monarch butterfly grove is a nature reserve in Pismo beach that is used to shelter monarchs butterfly that migrating to Pismo Beach.
  • Dinosaur caves park
Dinosaur caves park is located on a sturdy cliff. Dinosaur caves park has beautiful see scenery.
  • Chumash Park
Chumash Park is a green space that famous for its wetlands.
  • Margo Dodd Park
Margo Dodd Park is a green space located on a cliff. 

For those of you who want a more exciting vacation at Pismo beach, you can drive a four-wheeled ATV to explore the sand dunes, horse riding, surfing, boat riding, or even fishing.
If you visit at the right time when the Pismo Beach Clam Festival is held, you can enjoy a festival that has been nominated for the 2019 best festival award. This festival is a rival of the Best Specialty Food Festival, of course with competing qualities.
The beach area attractions in Pismo Beach consist of beaches, pier and pedestrian areas with an area of 60 hectares. The area has public toilet facilities, sand showers, volleyball courts, children's playground equipment, benches, and drinking fountains. In the area there is a place called Pismo creek. Pismo creek can be used as a place to oversee various bird life in this Beach.

a picture of golden sunset at Pismo Beach
a picture of golden sunset

Pier at Pismo beach

In Pismo beach, there is the best pier in central coast. Pier of Pismo beach is a wonderful place to spend the day, and then enjoy the sunset. Pismo Pier is in the heart of downtown Pismo Beach. Close to restaurants and shops. Pier of Pismo beach provides a very convenient parking lot near the pier. Pier of Pismo beach is windy, so you should bring blankets and warm clothes. The facilities on Pier of Pismo are benches to sit and enjoy a good view and beautiful golden sunset. In addition, from Pier of Pismo, you can see what is caught by the fishermen (this pier is also used by people for fishing) and see surfers enjoying the waves of The beach.

a picture of a pier and golden sunset at Pismo Beach
a picture of a pier and golden sunset

Monarch Butterfly Grove, a nature reserve for butterflies in Pismo Beach

This nature reserve is a forest filled with eucalyptus and milkweed trees which is the monarchs lay their eggs. The monarch butterfly grove is a very interesting place because so many butterflies are there. The best time to visit Monarch Butterfly Grove is around October and December because this time is the mating season of the monarch butterfly so that many butterflies are there. At Monarch Butterfly Grove, there are experienced guides who are ready to help and know everything about monarch butterflies. From the guide's information, you can find out all about the migration cycle of monarch butterflies. In addition, the guides are also equipped with telescopes to get a closer look at the monarchs. The monarch butterfly perched and swarmed around milkweed to lay the eggs. Monarch butterfly is an endangered species with a declining population. To save the monarch butterfly, an active role is needed by planting milkweed.

Besides enjoying the monarch butterfly, you can explore the nature reserve by hiking. Beautiful natural forest and open to the sea is very worth visiting and exploring. One of the facilities provided at Monarch butterfly grove is a picnic table that can be used for lunch. You can have lunch with fun among the monarch butterfly.

a picture of Butterfly on a flower at Pismo Beach
a picture of Butterfly on a flower, source

a picture of Butterfly at Pismo Beach
a picture of Butterfly, source

Pismo Beach Camping

Another activity that can be done at Pismo beach is camping. There are several campsites at Pismo beach, including North beach campground, Oceano Dunes camping, Oceano Campgrounds, Oceano Dunes State SVRA Camping, and Oceano County park.

  • North Beach campground

North Beach Campground is located next to Pismo Beach and is within walking in distance (0.75 miles via the beach) from the Pismo Beach Pier. North beach campground is the only camping place that is allowed to make campfires. In the north beach campground there are 103 campsites without hook-ups, available pay rooms, dump stations, toilets, hot showers (paid) and Ring of Fire. To the south of the campground, opposite Carpenter Creek, is the Monarch Butterfly Grove.

  • Oceano Dunes camping

Oceano Dunes camping is the only camping place where you can drive to the beach and camp there. At Oceano Dunes, there are no trees (and hence there is no shade) - but there is a lot of sand. Maybe too much sand. The best part of staying there is that you will wake up with the ocean at your door. At Oceano Dunes, they have dome and chemical toilets (porta-potties) but there are no other facilities. The most popular activity at Oceano Dunes is driving off-road vehicles and ATVs on the dunes, but you can also enjoy all kinds of beach recreation. Driving on sand at Oceano Dunes is recommended only for 4-wheeled vehicles. Camping on the beach is allowed in the south of Pos 2 on the beach and in the open dune area.

  • Oceano Campgrounds

Oceano Campground has many trees and there is Oceano Lagoon next to it, this campsite has the feel of a jungle location. The trail leads around the lagoon, offering a good opportunity for bird watching. Other paths lead through the dunes and out to the beach. Near the entrance to the campsite is the Nature Center. Direct exhibitions that held make visitors can learn more about local wildlife, plants and Chumash culture.

  • Oceano Dunes State SVRA Camping

Oceano Dunes State SVRA provides camping on the beach in certain areas. Camping is allowed to the south of Pos 2 on the beach and in the open dune area. Dome toilets and chemical toilets are provided, and water delivery services and tank pumps are available on the beach. 

  • Oceano County Park

San Luis Obispo County operates a campsite at its Oceano Memorial Park. This park is located along Air Park Drive, just south of Pier Avenue, near the county airport. They have 22 campsites. Each can accommodate between 4 and 6 people along with RVs (up to 40 ') or several tents. All sites have full hook-ups (water, sewers and electricity). Bathrooms are available at 75 cents for 3 minutes. Fishing is allowed at Oceano Lagoon next to the campground.

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