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Sanibel Island Florida

a picture of crab trap, coast and waves at Sanibel Island Beaches
a picture of crab trap, coast and waves
Sanibel island is a tourist attraction located in Florida, US. This island is a barrier island that is formed from a collection of sand at the side of the rock is more sturdy than Pine Island. Towns and settlements are located at the eastern end of the island. in 1963 a Causeway was built that made easier access to Sanibel which has popular tourist destination that is famous for its beach shells and wildlife sanctuary.

Sanibel Island beaches are some of the unique barrier island because the traverse from East to West, where most of the other barrier islands stretching from North to South. Because of the uniqueness of this island has a different coastline with beaches have sand and many sea shells. These beaches will attract many people especially those who love to collect shells. The beautiful beaches in this island  are Causeway Beaches, Lighthouse Beach, Tarpon Beach, Bowman's Beach and Blind Pass Beach.
 a picture of lighthouse, a landmark at light house beach at Sanibel Island
 a picture of lighthouse, a landmark of light house beach
Sanibel Island weather is warm all year round with average temperatures above 23 degrees Celcius. Even at the height of the winter season in December and January average temperature in this place is still 18 degrees Celsius. So the island is one of the perfect place to escape from the snow. The highest rainfall in this beautiful island in July and August.  
a picture of sea shell at Sanibel Island Beaches
a picture of sea shell
Sanibel Island beaches is the perfect place to relax and enjoy collecting sea shells, fishing, or bird watching. On this beach you will often find wild birds such as bald eagles, roseate spoonbills, pelicans and shorebird. For people who love to collect sea shells then you will get assorted sea shells such as whelks, scallops, coquinas, sand dollar, other species of shallow seas and deeper sea molluscs such as gastropod and binavia.
 a group of pelicans at Sanibel Island
 a group of pelicans

 a shorebird flying at Sanibel Island beach
 a shorebird flying, source

In addition to the beauty of the beaches of Sanibel Island is also famous for its romanticism. For those of you that want to proposing this place could possibly be one of the options for you to carry out your big mission. Even you can also make a wedding on the island. The remembrance ceremony will be held sacred in a very beautiful beach will be in your memory forever .

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