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South Beach Fl

Landscape of palm trees and hotels on south beach Miami fl
Landscape of palm trees and hotels

South Beach is a tourist attraction that located at Miami, Florida, US. This beach is very famous for its beaches and glamorous scenery around nightclubs and restaurants for celebrity chefs. The wide and beautiful beach, white sand, is a very suitable place and is often used for shooting famous models. Indie fashion shops line up at Lincoln Road Mall. On Ocean Drive, known for its well-preserved art deco architecture, outdoor cafes offer beautiful views of the beach scene. In addition to beach views, nightlife, and indie fashion shops, South Beach Miami is famous for having some of the best restaurants and the best hotels that are ready to serve tourists on vacation in South beach Miami.
Best hotels in South Beach Miami that known for its art deco are the Avalon hotel and cavalier hotel.

Avalon Hotel 

This iconic art deco boutique hotel has a special feature in the form of a 1955 robin egg blue Oldsmobile car that was parked in front of it. Avalon Hotel is 2.4 km away from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Avalon hotel is located in shopping centers, night clubs and sidewalk cafes. This hotel is located across the road from the beach. The advantages that you can get from this hotels are hotel cleanliness and friendly hotel staff and another one there is a coffee / tea machine in the room.
a picture of Avalon Hotel on south beach Miami fl
a picture of Avalon Hotel

Cavalier Hotel

The Cavalier hotel is located on the beach a cross of Lummus Park. The Cavalier hotel is a luxury hotel with elegant deco art. The Cavalier hotel is a 15-minute away from shopping on Lincoln Road Mall and 1.6 km away from Miami beach botanical Garden. The famous thing of Cavalier hotel has stylish contemporary rooms that use brick walls and wooden floors. In suites type rooms, there are additional separate living rooms. The superiority of Cavalier hotel is a very good location. You just have to walk out and you are on Ocean Drive filled with famous restaurants and very famous nightlife and across the street, you can directly enjoy the beach view.

In addition to the two hotels, there are other hotels in south beach Miami beach Fl that very well known. The following is a list of hotels that are recommended by tourists to serve as overnight stays.

Hotel South Beach at 2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 833 625 3111)

Hotel South Beach is one of the largest hotels in Miami Beach. In this hotel there are 4 swimming pools, including one swimming pool on the roof. South Beach Hotel consists of 18 floors. The bar and restaurant are on the top floor and are a popular place to see the sunset. Hotel south beach has a Habitat signature restaurant headed by one of Miami's favorite chefs, Jose Mendin.

SLS South Beach at 1701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 674 1701)

The SLS South Beach hotel is famous for its quintessential Miami Pool party. Which you can enjoy at Hyde Beach. The rooms here are small but stylish, designed by Philippe Starck in dusty white and pink shades, with pictorial walls inspired by the French aristocracy. More bohemian styles can be found at the Villa and Presidential Penthouse, both curated by rock star interior designer Lenny Kravitz

The Setai Miami Beach at 2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 844 662 8387)

The Setai Miami Beach Hotel is a truly luxurious hotel with a minimalist design inspired by Asian design. This hotel has a calm and quiet atmosphere.

W South Beach at 2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 938 3000)

W South Beach Hotel opened in 2009. When opened, this hotel is very interesting due to its design (dominated by boutique properties in historic buildings). Comfortable rooms are the hallmarks of this hotel.

The Betsy South Beach at 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL (+1 844 539 2840)

Betsy South Beach Hotel is a peaceful and elegant place with a prime position on Ocean Drive. The hotel consists of two buildings, namely the original colonial wing and the Art Deco Wing (on Collins Avenue). Both buildings are connected by Hallway within a dramatic orb. This hallway is a favorite photo spot (suitable for backdrop for Instagramming tourist). Betsy Hotel organizes regular poetry readings and live music performances at the Lobby Bar.

Loews Miami Beach Hotel at 1601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 844 662 0051)

Loews Miami Beach Hotel offers a family-friendly hotel. The hotel has undergone a complete scale renovation that was completed in 2017. The hotel has one of the most convenient locations on South beach - a short walk to restaurants and shops on Lincoln Road and just steps from the beach.

Delano South Beach at 1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 672 2000)

Delano South Beach hotel has its own characteristics in the design of its rooms. The room design in the form of white-on-white rooms and club pool scene is the favorite design of this hotel.

Marriot Stanton South Beach at 161 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 536 7700)

This hotel is a luxury hotel located in the south of fifth neighborhood of Miami beach, close to South Pointe. South Pointe is a great location for sunset and cruise ships. The rooms at this hotel have a fresh beach feel that is only a few steps from the beach. In this hotel, there is also a hot tub overlooking the sea and a spa.

COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach at 2445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 695 3600)

This hotel is part of the COMO Hotels brand that offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This hotel consists of 74 rooms. This hotel highly appreciates Art Deco by means of decorative accents and preserved terrazzo floors.

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach at 40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach, FL (+1 305 673 1717)

The rooms at this hotel feel like lush beach and garden bungalows, like mazes, providing a soothing green corner for meditation moments. The Standard Spa Hotel, located on Belle Isle, is just steps from the Sunset Harbor neighborhood. The hotel offers views of the sunset and views of the dolphins.
a picture of a lifeguard post on south beach Miami fl
a picture of a lifeguard post
Once you find a place to stay that suits you, you don't need to worry to meet your eating needs. Many famous restaurants in south beach Miami Fl. The following is a list of famous restaurants in south beach Miami Fl.

  • Joes Stone Carb at 11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach (+1 305-673-0365)
This restaurant was founded in 1913, in fact this restaurant is older than the City of Miami Beach itself. The mainstay menu of this restaurant is fresh seafood.

  • Stubborn Seed at 101 Washington Ave., Miami Beach (+1 786-322-5211)
This restaurant is owned by Jeremy Ford's Top Chef winner. This restaurant consists of 70 seats. The menu in this restaurant is divided into 2 namely Raw / snacks and entrees of Meat / Fish.
  • Macchialina at 820 Alton Rd., Miami Beach (+1 305-534-2124)
In this restaurant, you can enjoy pastas and creamy polenta loaded with sausage doubt made by Pirolo's house. In addition, you can enjoy other menus such as the beet-filled mezzaluna crowned with hazelnuts or the butter ricotta salata or the pappardelle Bolognese with rabbit and sausage fonduta, and à la minute risotto. The menu menu makes Macchialina the best but not in the entire city.
  • Planta South Beach at 850 Commerce St., Miami Beach (+1 305-397-8513)
This restaurant offers vegan food. The favorite menu in this restaurant is ahi watermelon nigiri and melt-in-your-mouth cauliflower tots (an omnivore-inspired meat lover's pizza, and a Planta burger).
  • The Bazaar by Jose Andres  at 1701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (+1 305-455-2999)
This restaurant serves liquid nitrogen caipirinhas and the onion soup with foie gras cappuccino to the airbreadcubano, chock-full of Swiss foam and topped with house-made pickles and Ibérico pork meat, bevy of fusion tapas and the coffee with foie gras, yuca churros with peanut butter and local honey, and conch fritters with a liquid center.
  • Upland at 49 Collins Ave., Miami Beach (+1 305-602-9998)
This restaurant serves menu Coal-roasted short rib, topped with celery and a sinus-clearing hit of shaved horseradish,  Salads and four pizzas, including a classic margherita, Sausage and kale, 'Nduja  and The Italian ice, served inside a pink grapefruit shell and garnished with Campari zest.
  • Stiltville Fish Bar at 1787 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach (+1 786-353-0477)
This restaurant has a seafood mainstay menu. This restaurant is owned by Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth (both of them are Top Chef Alumni) 
In addition, at South beach Miami Fl, you can enjoy views of the very iconic Coast Guard on south beach. Miami lifeguard towers are one piece of Miami's colorful jigsaw puzzle. This tower is scattered on the beach starting from South Pointe. All towers have vibrant colors and a flag that indicates the sea conditions. This tower is an iconic tower and a nice place to take a photo. The towers are built to replace the previous tower that was damaged by Hurrucane Andrew in 1992. These are totally unique, designed by plenty of different people (from architects, artists, musicians). You can explore the beach and stopping every block to take photos and learning design of each tower.

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