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5 Best Resorts Islands

When you feel bored and need some fresh air to make your soul back in good condition, Islands resorts are good choice. You can do many things and enjoy many attraction in islands resorts. Five best islands resorts in US that can be your alternatives to escape form boring daily activities are:

1. Assateague Island

Wild Horses playing at white sand beach in Assateague Island
Wild Horses playing at white sand beach in Assateague Island

Assateague Island National Seashore is a tourist attraction located on the East coast, near from Chincoteague Island (Virginia) and Ocean City (Maryland). In the Middle Atlantic region, the island of Assateague is the largest natural barrier island, which is not affected by human development.
Formerly, Assateague was not an island, but was connected to Fenwick Island. In August 1993, there was a storm that devastated the area which caused the mainland to cut off and created an inlet between the southern end of Ocean City and the new Assateague. Taking advantage of the incident, the inlet was kept open by fortification. You can stand at the end of the two islands and see the others from the other side. On September 1965, The Assateague Island was inaugurated as the National Coast.
Assateague has beach length of more than 37 miles with pristine conditions. Virginia and Maryland are two entrances to this island. Vehicles cannot cross the island from the part that located in Maryland to part that located in Virginia (vice versa). The most interesting thing is there are more than 300 wild horses that wander on the beaches, pine forest, and salt marshes.

2. South Padre Islands

a picture of shore, waves and horizon at South Padre Islands
a picture of shore, waves and horizon at South Padre Islands
South Padre Island is a tourist attraction located in Cameron, Texas, US. The island is a resort city that is named after a Catholic priest named Padre BallĂ­. The island is a barrier island located on the Texas Gulf Coast. Access to the island is via the Queen Isabella Causeway from Port Isabel.

South Padre Island is the perfect place for families to spend time off the spring. There are many attractions and exciting activities you can do on the island, including the following:

  • Sea Turtle

This place is a place that should not be missed when visiting South Padre Island. Sea Turtle, Inc. is a  rescue and rehabilitation place for sea turtles that are already in the opened since 1977. Of course it will be a lot of interesting experiences for children while visiting this place starts from getting to know turtles, how her life cycle, why turtles should be kept and of course they will learn to love nature.

  • South Padre Island Birding 

This space aims to provide education about birds, flora, fauna and the environment around the South Padre Island and the Gulf of Mexico. Here we will refer to in a more caring toward nature.

Goldes Sunset at Siesta Key
Goldes Sunset at Siesta Key
Siesta Key is a tourist attraction located between the Gulf of Mexico and Roberts Bay, southwest of Florida. Siesta Key is actually a barrier island that used to protect  the mainland during storms and tidal waves.. This place is also known as the Little Sarasota Key and Sarasota Key. The main attractions of this place are its beaches, namely Siesta Beach,  Crescent Beach and Turtle Beach.
Siesta Beach is a coast with very beautiful sand. Unlike other beaches whose sand consists of pulverized coral, this beach sand consists of ninety nine percent pure Quartz. The content of Quartz or silica makes this sand feel smooth and cold on your feet. This makes this beach get various kinds of appreciation such as The whitest and finest sand in the world in 1987, The Best Sand Beach in America  in 2004, The Best Beach in America in 2011, 2017.

Turtle Beach is famous for its many turtles nesting and laying eggs on this beach. Its wide coastal landscape makes this beach very suitable for use as a place to camp, picnic or where children play.

The best way to vacation on Siesta Key is to rent an inn on the beach. You will be spoiled with a beautiful view of the beach. Another thing you should not miss is the sunrise and sunset.

Beautiful sunset at Key West
Beautiful sunset at Key West
Key West is a tourist attraction that located at Florida Keys Archipelago, US. Key West is an island city located 126 miles from Miami and 90 miles from Cuba. This island has a length of 4 miles and a width of 1.6 miles with a total area of 4.2 square miles.
There are a lot of things you can do at Key West, such as:
  • Cycling and go around Old Town enjoying the old building architectures.
  • Visit the Southernmost point in the U.S. Yes, The most southern land in America is here at Key West.
  • Fishing with a lot of techniques like Shallow water sight fishing, light tackle and offshore charter for Bone fish, Tarpon, Permit and  Barracuda. Enjoy the fish fight and win it!
  • Enjoying Beautiful sunset at beach
  • Spending time at lagoon
  • Or just spend your time at the beautiful beach enjoy the sun, sand, water, building a sand castle, sun bathing or swimming in this beautiful beach.

Shorebird flying freely at Sanibel Island
Shorebird flying freely at Sanibel Island
Sanibel island is a tourist attraction located in Florida, US. This island is a barrier island that is formed from a collection of sand at the side of the rock. This island is more sturdy than Pine Island. Towns and settlements are located at the eastern end of the island. in 1963 a Causeway was built that made easier access to Sanibel which has popular tourist destination that is famous for its beach shells and wildlife sanctuary.

Sanibel Island beaches are some of the unique barrier island because the traverse from East to West, where most of the other barrier islands stretching from North to South. Because of the uniqueness of this island has a different coastline with beaches have sand and many sea shells. These beaches will attract many people especially those who love to collect shells. The beautiful beaches in this island  are Causeway Beaches, Lighthouse Beach, Tarpon Beach, Bowman's Beach and Blind Pass Beach.

Sanibel Island beaches is the perfect place to relax and enjoy collecting sea shells, fishing, or bird watching. On this beach you will often find wild birds such as bald eagles, roseate spoonbills, pelicans and shorebird. For people who love to collect sea shells then you will get assorted sea shells such as whelks, scallops, coquinas, sand dollar, other species of shallow seas and deeper sea molluscs such as gastropod and binavia.

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