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Santa Catalina Island

A panorama of harbor at Santa Catalina Island
A panorama of harbor
Catalina Island is a tourist attraction located at California, US. Many people said that the island is a picture of heaven that lies in the world perfectly. An island located far from the crowds, only 22 miles off the coast of Southern California. Santa Catalina Island is a rocky cliff island with a length of 22 miles and a width of 13 miles. The island is located about 47 km south-southwest of Long Beach, California. The highest point on the island is 639 m located on the top of Mount Orizaba. The island is part of the Channel Islands in the California archipelago and is located in Los Angeles County. More than one million people travel to this Island every year.
Two Harbors is a second resort village on the island located in the isthmus of the island, northwest of Avalon. The village is the main landing site for those who want to tour the western part of the island. Two harbors can be accessed by boat from San Pedro and by bus or boat from Avalon.

An unique architecture building at Santa Catalina Island pier
An unique architecture building at pier

Catalina island weather

Santa Catalina island has Mediterranean climate that is very mild with warm temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature in January is a maximum of 58.4 ° F (14.7 ° C) and a minimum of 47.6 ° F (8.7 ° C). The average temperature in July is a maximum of 78.1 ° F (25.6 ° C) and a minimum of 60.0 ° F (15.6 ° C). The highest temperature record is 105 ° F (41 ° C) on July 6, 2018, and the lowest record temperature is 29 ° F (−2 ° C) on January 11, 1949. High-fog beaches often occur during the summer, but are usually burns of late afternoon.

An unique architecture building at Santa Catalina Island cliff
An unique architecture building at cliff

Things to do at Santa Catalina Island:

Do you come only for a day, or just for a vacation at the end of a week, or for a longer vacation. There is no need to worry because there are many interesting places and interesting activities that you can do. You can enjoy various kinds of tourist attractions on this island, starting from the form of water, land, and air. Even before you reach Catalina island, you have been treated to an interesting adventure during a trip to this island. Both by boat and helicopter, you can enjoy interesting sights and adventures when crossing the waters of beautiful southern California.

  • Water Attraction:

The most popular activity in Catalina Island clear waters is to tour Glass bottom boats with routes around the coral reef and wreck, scuba diving and snorkelling areas. The most popular areas for diving are Lover's cove (east of Avalon) and Descanso Beach (to the west of the Casino). Casino point is Avalon underwater dive park which is the first non-profit underwater park in the United States. . Besides that there is an interesting area to visit is Garibaldi's fish and the bright orange flying area. In addition to the above activities, you can also do sailing on this island. Tourists can also surf on two beaches located on the "backside" of the Island. The beach is Shark Harbor and Ben Weston Beach. Both beaches offer good waves for surfing.

  • Land Attraction

In addition to the clear water, you can also do some interesting activities to fill your free time. All you can do is join the Jeep and Bus Tours provided by the Catalina Island Conservancy. By taking this tour, you can see the inside of the Island which is a conservation area. On this island also provides camp camps namely Camp Cherry Valley and Camp Emerald Bay. Both camps are usually used by children and scouts for summer camps. If you still feel unsatisfied, you can do other interesting activities such as golf, hiking, biking, art and museums, and food tours. The hiking routes offered to explore are very interesting and challenging with amazing views.

  • Air Attraction

Flying high above Catalina Island is an amazing and very interesting thing to do. By using the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour, you will be taken to 600 feet above sea level and across five separate zip lines at speeds of up to 35 mph. Besides using Zip Line Eco, you can also use the helicopter tour using IEX helicopters to enjoy the Island views from above

a picture of harbor and cliff at Santa Catalina Island
a picture of harbor and cliff 


You can access the island using Catalina Island ferries operated by Catalina Express and Catalina Passenger Service. Ferries depart from Orange County on Newport Beach and Dana Point and from Los Angeles County in Long Beach and San Pedro. The round trip takes around one hour. Helicopter services are also available from Long Beach or San Pedro. Catalina has also been an active port of many shipping lines since the 1990s, with Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines making this port ordinary for steel shipping. In particular, Carnival Paradise Lines' Carnival Paradise has been making calls to the island every week since 2004, making it the ship that has the most calls to the port, but left in November 2011 and was replaced by Carnival Inspiration. The ships dock around 1,000 feet from Avalon Harbor. Passengers go down through the beach boat tender service.

The island is also home to Catalina Airport (FAA Identifier: AVX), also known as Airport-in-the-Sky. The airport was opened in 1941 and was used as a base for OSS training during WW2. The airport is 7 miles (11 km northwest of Avalon. Runway 3,000 feet (910 m) is at the top of the mountain, 1,602 feet (488 m) above sea level, the airport is currently being rebuilt, until the airport is operational, the only scheduled passenger air service to the island is provided by seaplanes serving Avalon and Two Harbors.

a picture of harbor from cliff at Santa Catalina Island
a picture of harbor from cliff
After you enjoy the beauty of this island, of course you feel tired and want to rest. You don't need to worry about resting because many hotels are ready to offer their services to you on this island. Here are top 10 of Catalina Island hotels:
  1. The Avalon Hotel. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$290.08
  2. Pavilion Hotel. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$275.53
  3. Portofino Hotel. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$144.48
  4. Catalina Island Inn. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$178.08
  5. Seacrest Inn. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$120.96
  6. Casa Mariquita Hotel. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$140.34
  7. Hotel Catalina. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$140 
  8. Aurora Hotel. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$648.48
  9. Hotel Metropole. Location: Avalon.
  10.  Holiday Inn Resort. Location: Avalon. Avg. price/night: US$155.68
In addition to offering comfortable hotels, this island also offers restaurants with diverse foods and of course good. Here are the top 10 Catalina Island restaurants :
  1. Bluewater Grill - Avalon (Seafood, Beer Bar), 306 Crescent Ave (310) 510-3474
  2. The Lobster Trap (Seafood), 128 Catalina Ave, (310) 510-8585
  3. Steve’s Steakhouse (Steakhouses, Seafood, Bars), 417 Crescent Ave (310) 510-0333
  4. Descanso Beach Club, (American (New) 1 St Catherine Way (310) 510-7410
  5. Maggie’s Blue Rose, (Mexican) 417B Crescent Ave (310) 510-3300
  6. Original Jack’s Country Kitchen (American (Traditional), Breakfast & Brunch) 118 Catalina Ave, (310) 510-1308
  7. The Sand Trap, (Mexican, Bars, Breakfast & Brunch) 501 Avalon Canyon Rd (310) 510-2505
  8. Avalon Grille (American (New)), 423 Crescent Ave, (310) 510-7494
  9. Seaport Bistro (Mediterranean, Spanish, Breakfast & Brunch), 888 Country Club Dr , (310) 510-3663
  10. Luau Larry’s (American (New), Bars), 509 Crescent Ave, (310) 510-1919

tracking path on cliff at Santa Catalina Island
tracking path on cliff
harbor and cliff from above at Santa Catalina Island
harbor and cliff from above

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