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Things to do: Yellowstone National Park

a panorama of sunset at Yellowstone National Park
a panorama of sunset 
Yellowstone National Park is a tourist attraction that stretches from the northwest corner of Wyoming to Idaho and Montana. Inaugurated in 1872 this national park became the first national park in the world. Now this place is visited by more than 4000000 adventures every year. With a 12-hour trip from Seattle or a 5-hour drive from Salt Lake City there's no doubt that it's a long journey to get here, but rest assured as soon as you set foot in this park, your long journey will be paid off.
Yellowstone National Park is the best in the wilderness of North America. With spectacular endless green pastures, stunning mountain ranges and abundant wildlife. Wrapped into 2000,000 hectares, this place is a gift for nature lovers. The attraction is easily accessed by the ring road, which can be reached from five park entrances.
Yellowstone is a geothermal extravaganza that is above a sleeping super volcano. This super volcano is said to have erupted more than 60,000 years ago. Geologists have long debated the origins of calderas and various theories about when the next major eruption will occur. But don't worry, all seismic activities are closely monitored to ensure park security for visitors.
Yellowstone Park is one of the best places to witness the bubbling geothermal activity below. Grand Prismatic Springs under 25 miles from the west entrance of the park. Watch a pond that is bright from a distance, but you should not have the idea of diving in this steamy waters, because this pool can reach temperatures near boiling.
Grand Prismatic Springs at Yellowstone National Park
Grand Prismatic Springs
Right south of Yellowstone Park is a place called Old Faithful which is one of the most visited geysers in the world. It was called Old Faithful because it was timely to spit out water and steam boiling into the sky every sixty to ninety minutes. The explorers of the past used Old Faithful as their clothing to put clothes in a hole that was blown up into the sky and washed with boiling water.
Old Faithful Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful Geyser
Yellowstone National Park does not only show impressive geothermal activity. This place also has fertile forests, rivers and lakes. Yellowstone Lake is the quiet heart of the park and outdoor enthusiasts gather here for all types of recreational activities. Cross the line in high-altitude ice waters, roam the lake using kayak, or explore the licking and walking Coast.
Yellowstone Lake at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone Lake
One of the most beautiful and amazing sites in Yellowstone National Park is the Yellowstone River. upstream at Yellowstone Lake, the winding river north before falling 300 feet from Lower Falls and to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.
Yellowstone River at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone River
This park is not only about legends and beautiful scenery, but also full of wildlife. Yellowstone has long been a refuge for Native American animals. The biggest success story of the park is the mighty bison recovery. Today Yellowstone is home to the largest wild herd remaining in Hayden Valley, a close encounter with a sturdy Beast is almost guaranteed. So, remember to keep an eye on the road. Still in the garden, lush trees open into rolling meadows in the valley of Lamar. Its lush fields are doused by babbling rivers and framed by snow-covered backgrounds, take your binoculars to get a closer glimpse of wild bison along with other native Yellowstone animals.
bisons at Yellowstone National Park
For visitors to Yellowstone National Park who don't want activities to be too heavy. Just sit and admire, open the picnic chair at Pebble Creek and let the sound of the heavy water clear your mind and soothe your soul.
When night falls, prepare your tent in one of the many campsites. Because Yellowstone National Park Camping is one of the favorites. If you want an easier night go out of the park to the north of Gardner's entrance. This Gateway City is the perfect place for weary travelers after a day of activity. Enjoy delicious dishes in one of the many salons before continuing your epic Yellowstone adventure.
Right south of Gardner is Mammoth Hot Springs. These hot springs carry solid minerals into an ever-changing lime terrace, the subtle formations that remind that change takes place even in the natural world is a constant matter.
Walk to Norris in the south, an area surrounded by various geothermal wonders. Listen to the sound of clay bubbling and boiling from the bowels of the earth and the Paint Pots artists strolling along the trail a few inches from the vibrating surface of the Norris Geyser Basin. Remember, hold your breath as you progress through clouds of steam rising up from under the planet's crust.

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