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Things to do: Glacier National Park Montana

Mc Dolnald Lake at Glacier National Park
Mc Dolnald Lake
Glacier National Park is a tourist attraction located at Montana, US. The area of the National Park is more than 1000000 hectares. It covers two mountain ranges (Rocky Mountains) and more than 130 lakes. Within this region there are more than 1,000 different plant species, and hundreds of animal species.
If you are a lover of outdoor activities, Glacier National Park is definitely on your visit list, with more than 700 miles of track with spectacular views, it's no wonder this place is also known as a pedestrian National Park. Glacier is a place for adventurers who want to explore the wilderness on foot, by boat, or even riding a horse. Recent years have seen an increase in visitors resulting in traffic and parking problems near the sun road, rooms and rustic lodges must be ordered several days in advance even the previous month.

glacier national park hikes
glacier national park hikes
wild goat at Glacier National Park
wild goat
The main purpose of the Glacier National Park visitors is not for accommodation, but for spectacular hiking trails, wild animals and amazing scenery that will satisfy you. You must come to hike to one of the 25 remaining glaciers or hike on the Continental Divide Trail. What photographers like about Glacier is wildlife, for various types of landscapes with dramatic colors of green, red and blue. Drive on Sun Road, explore the forest by sailing or paddling in the lake and of course to hike the trail is a way to enjoy Hikers National Park.
Glacier National Park hiking trail
hiking trail
Glacier National Park hiking trail
hiking trail

Here are some Glacier National Park lodging for your information:
  • Glacier Park Lodge 

The lodges in the southeast corner of the park was built about a century ago by the Great Northern train. There are 161 rooms, restaurants, bars and even espresso shops. This gift shop displays local Blackfeet crafts. Returning to this day is a destination hotel so there is an outdoor swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course, a nine-hole field and a day-to-day putt and spa course.
  • Many Glacier Hotel 
This five-storey Swiss-style hotel was first opened in 1915. The mountains around the hotel remind many people of the Alps. So the cottage was built in the Alpine Swiss style. The Many Glacier Hotel is the largest in the park with 214 rooms.
  • St. Mary's Lodge and Resort
The lodge road is one of the most beautiful drives in the country stunning scenery and many trail heads are found along its 52 miles.
  • Lake McDonald Lodge 
It opened in 1914. It has 100 guest rooms, cottages and a Motor Inn. There's a gift shop, camp store, lounge and restaurant.

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