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Maui The Best Island in Hawaii

Sea Turtle on Maui Beach
Sea Turtle on Maui Beach
Touristattractiondestination - Maui is the most beautiful island on Hawaiian islands You can drive from one side of the island to the other in three hours trip. Along the trip, you can enjoy Maui’s most striking natural wonders. In addition, you can book a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view. Maui has tropical climate and has more than 80 beaches that you can enjoy. You can do many water-sports there.

There are many things to do in Maui. From volcano landscape to seashore and beach. Enjoy the sunrise in the mountain, surprised by beautiful waterfall, and enjoy snorkelling in Maui. In other words, many things that you can do in many interesting places in Maui.
Snorkeling spot on Maui Hawaii
Snorkeling spot on Maui Hawaii

Some interesting places in Maui:    
  • The road to Hana. You can enjoy extremely scenic drive. There are many stops that are different ways to enjoy and experience the rain forest.
  • Koopa Beach Park : You can see surfing competition here.
  • Garden of Eden Arboretum: bamboo forest with great vistas.
  •  Halekala national park : It has the highest peak on the island. It’s a hot spot for hiking, you can just follow the trails and past an impressive cinder cones.
    Maui Volcano
    Maui Volcano
  •  Makena beach state park : Perfect spot to try wake boarding at sunset.
  •  Molokini island preserve: When the sun comes out from the water, molokini island is painted dark against the evening sky. Its better if you booked a boat tour and dive into spot Hawaii’s green turtles feeding. On the coral of molokini reef you can also see this turtles.
  • Maluka beach is a perfect place to enjoy the afternoon in the shade.
  • Wailea beach: you can enjoy a resort here and stay with the family.
  • Kihei: you can learn how to surf. In the oceanfront town, you can find an affordable accommodation, shops, and food so it’s an ideal place to stop for a few days. Kihei has good location, putting you right near the middle of the island allowing you to do day trips in either direction which is really nice.
  • Haleakala volcano sunrise: You should joint Haleakala volcano sunrise tour and enjoy great panorama. You must booked the ticket a day before through national park service.
    Sunset on Maui Hawaii
    Sunset on Maui Hawaii
  • Lahaina is the prettiest towns in Maui.
  • Kaanapali Beach is the best beach in Maui. There is no better place to end your tour of Maui in this beach. This is high-end beach resort that offer everything Maui has. You can enjoy see the whale here in whale season. The whale season ends on May 15th.
  • Makena beach
  • Baldwin beach
  • Nakalele Blowhole. It is located in the northwest side of Maui. You need 5 to 10 minute hike to get there. From small hole in the rock water launches into the air when the waves come crashing in.
  • Olivine pools. A ten minute casual hike down the hill brings you to olivine pools. Huge waves just crash all around you here, but the pools are calm, like in the eye of the storm. You can just put your feet in the water, and enjoy the big crash wave.
  • Shoreline sea cliffs and Molokai waterfalls
How to go to Maui:
All flights to Maui will landed in Kahului airport. From Kahului airport take a bus, uber, or taxi into town. In town, you can pick up a rental car. You can pick up a rental car in the airport, but its expensive. You can save some money, if you pick up a rental car in town. There are bus tour in the city, but by considering your flexibility, I recommend you to pick a rental car. You can explore Maui by yourself and your time, not limited by bus schedule.
Beautiful beach at Maui Island
Beautiful beach at Maui Island

Prepare for everything and enjoy your time in Maui…Have a nice vacation.

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