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Napa Valley California

Napa Valley vineyard
Napa Valley vineyard 

Touristattractiondestination Napa valley is part of the California state and it's located north of San Francisco. Napa Valley wineries is one of the most famous wineries in America. The number of wineries and tasting rooms reached more than 450 pieces. Most of the wineries here are family owned.
Napa Valley Wineries Storage
Napa Valley Wineries Storage
The Napa Valley is blessed with several microclimates that vary in temperature with each other, one of the reasons why a variety of grape varieties grow very well here. Overall, the temperature in the valley varies greatly between morning and evening. Throughout the year, depending on weather conditions, nighttime temperatures can reach 30 degrees cooler than daytime temperatures, and daytime temperatures can vary up to 10 degrees at the same time between the northern and southern parts of the valley. If you want to get a view of the process of harvesting wine, the right time for you to come to Napa is from April to August. That time was the time of the wine harvest in Napa. But you don't need to worry, whenever you come to Napa, Napa will give you an attraction every season.
  • Spring (March - May)

Spring is the time for shoots to propagate. This process provides an incredible bouquet of colors. Napa valley will be decorated with new flowers and lush green mountain slopes. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 68 ° F / 47 ° F. Average Rainfall: 1.8 ".
  • Summer (June - August)

Summer will lure you with golden hills, green vines and of course you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy wine. Wine has really begun to grow and in August, harvest begins in the entire valley. Evenings in this area can be quite cold even in the summer, so just a suggestion from us, bring a sweater when dining outdoors at night. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 82 ° F / 55 ° F. Average Rainfall: 0.08 ".
  • Autumn (September - November)

Aroma "crush" and the combination of gold and green from the vineyard are a delightful meal in the fall. Around November (towards the end of fall), grape leaves will turn into vivacious yellow and red, making the Napa Valley a must visit destination. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 78 ° F / 49 ° F. Average Rainfall: 1.5 ".
  • Winter (December - February)

Winter rain falls several days at a time and is followed by days of bright blue sky. The process makes the Napa Valley has an emerald green feel. Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons in this valley. In winter, this valley will be decorated with rows of brilliant yellow mustards. In addition, in the winter there will be a celebration known as the Cabernet Season. Napa Valley weather is: Average High / Low: 60 ° F / 42 ° F. Average Rainfall: 5.3 ".

Besides having beauty in each season, you don't need to worry when visiting Napa Valley. Some of the things to do in Napa Valley:
  • Castello di Amorosa.

This castle is located on a 121 thousand square foot plantation. The castle and plantations took 15 years to build.
Castle Castello di Napa Valley
Castle Castello di Napa Valley
  • Wineries

The main thing you have to do when visiting Napa is to check out the wineries. There are so many wineries here. Some wineries that you should try to visit are: Domaine Carneros and Sequoia Grove Winery.
Domaine Carneros is a winery that specializes in delicious sparkling wine. You can try four of their different sparkling grape varieties for $ 30 and you can really enjoy sitting on their terrace overlooking some beautiful views of the countryside and vineyards.
Sequoia Grove Winery is a smaller winery and has a 110-year-old warehouse and tasting room located under a giant sequoia tree. You can try their four wines for $ 25, including Cabernet Sauvignon which is their special feature.
The Raymond vineyard gives a modern touch to traditional wineries. At this refinery there is a laboratory for making wine mixtures. You can make a special wine mixture in the laboratory.
Napa wine train
Napa wine train
  • Hiking

You can hike at Skyline Wilderness Park, which is not far from downtown Napa. The entrance ticket to the park is only $ 5 and that includes parking, road maps and use of restroom facilities. This place is a quiet place to climb. This park has 25 miles of different paths that are very easy to navigate.
  • Outstanding restaurant.

La Taberna is a convenient place in downtown Napa. This place offers a selection of outstanding small dishes and wines. A good menu from this place is brava patatas and Spanish omelet.
Farmstead on st. Helena is the right place for lunch. This place has several dining options including cafes, luxury restaurants, and also an outdoor terrace bar.
In addition, there are eating places that you should visit, namely Ad Hoc in Yountville. Ad Hoc is owned by Thomas Keller. This restaurant has a fixed four-course menu for $ 55 and is presented in a family style. If you are interested in going to this place, make sure you make a reservation beforehand.
Napa Valley Restaurant with vineyard  scenery
Napa Valley Restaurant with vineyard scenery
  • The Andaz Napa

Andaz Napa is located in downtown Napa. Andaz Napa has a vibrant atmosphere and is full of restaurants, bars, shops and many art galleries.

Enjoying Napa Valley requires a few tips. Some of these tips will make your vacation more memorable and beautiful. Some of these tips are
  1. Use a travel sharing service to move from one winery to another. There are many travel sharing options available in this area, namely Lyft and Uber. You will get affordable service to get around in wineries. Most wineries are fifteen to twenty minutes from downtown Napa, which makes sharing trips an economical choice. You can relax and enjoy all the delicious wines in Napa without having to worry about driving.
  2. If you use a plane, choose Oakland Airport as your landing place. Oakland Airport is the closest major airport from Napa and less busy when compared to San Francisco Airport. This makes it easier for you to take a rental car directly on the road. From this airport, you can reach Napa in one hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  3. From the Oakland airport, use the toll road. By using the toll, you can save travel time up to one hour.
  4. Do a winery research and place an order. Very many wineries in Napa Valley, you can't taste them one by one in a short time. So it's best to research some of the best wineries, and choose a few for you to visit.

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